Sichuan Yuan Kun Green Fruits Co., Ltd.


Founded in February 2008, Sichuan Yuan Kun Green Fruits Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise of modern agricultural industrialization engaged in producing fruit juice concentrates, vegetable juice concentrates and juice beverages. The Company has more than 60 employees, including 18 professional technicians, and primarily outputs fruit juice concentrates (mulberry clear juice concentrate, pomegranate clear juice concentrate, apple clear juice concentrate, pear clear juice concentrate, etc.) and juice beverages. In the Company, there are 12,000m2 standard factory buildings, including one for producing different varieties of juice concentrates (capacity of fresh fruit juicing: 300t/d), one for producing beverages (annual output: 50,000t juice beverages) and one for producing fruit wine (annual output: 1,000t). The Company earns foreign exchange of USD 5 million every year by exporting juice concentrates, top-ranking among export-oriented enterprises of Liangshan. Its juice concentrates have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions of America, Europe, Oceania and Asia (the US, Russia, Germany, Australia, Israel, South Korea, India, Taiwan, etc.).

As of its founding, the Company has been titled “Advanced Export-oriented Enterprise”, “Model of Honest and Trustworthy Enterprise of Liangshan”, “AA Quality Credit Enterprise of Sichuan”, “Enterprise of Excellence and Integrity of Sichuan” and “Shanghai Expo-High-quality Special Agricultural Product of Sichuan”, in succession, and admitted into the Sichuan Food Production Safety Association. Always giving top priority to product quality, the Company sticks to surviving and seeking benefits on quality, enhances quality monitoring from material quality control to product manufacturing, strictly carries out delivery inspection and controls quality, and take great pains to build well-known brands.

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