Sichuan Heshenglongxing Farming Co., Ltd.
Founded on December 20, 2011,Sichuan Heshenglongxing Farming Co., Ltd, focuses on developing circular economy of agriculture and animal husbandry. It is a large-scale farming and animal husbandry high-tech enterprise that integrates the development of the agricultural industry, livestock and poultry breeding, livestock and poultry slaughtering, processing and refrigeration, processing and promotion planting techniques of pepper, mustard and feed. Our company is located in the Industrial Park of Huancheng Avenue, Jincheng Town, Xichong County. Its business scope including: vegetable cultivation, livestock and poultry breeding and sales; feed initial processing and sales; acquisition, initial processing and sales of agricultural and sideline products; agricultural science and technology training, planting and breeding technology promotion, foreign trade, production and sales of meat products(traditional Chinese salt-cured meat); chain store operations. The total assets of the company are nearly 100 million yuan. There are 186 employees, 45 of whom have senior and intermediate professional titles.

The company takes quality as its life, relies on science and technology and takes customer's needs as its own responsibility and broadens a self-improvement and innovation road. At present, the company already has first-grade breeding bases for 4,000 breeding pigs (including intelligent breeding farms for 3,000 breeding pigs), high-quality pig breeding areas for 100,000 pigs, organic eggs breeding bases for one million eggs, and 1,700 mu of organic vegetable bases, organic feed processing plants for 30,000 tons of feed and 10 chain supermarkets of "Heshenglongxing".

Shoulder the responsibilities and obligations to society and our country; utilize natural resources with excellent insight and foresight to make people live rich and harmonious. The people of Heshenglongxing, who is lofty and ambitious, accumulate richly and break forth vastly to make greater contributions to the construction of a new rural area in China, to the prosperity of farmers and to the promotion of the development of breeding and aquaculture through 

professional technology, scientific management, full enthusiasm, sincere service, first-class products, supreme reputation and honest management. Holding the development philosophy of "Healthy, green, safe and harmonious" Heshenglongxing is bound to become a bright new star in China's agriculture and animal husbandry industry with the concern and support from all sectors of society.

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