Guangyuan Economic & Technological Development Zones at the National Level

Guangyuan Economic & Technological Development Zone (“the Development Zone”) was constructed from 1992. In August 1993, Sichuan Provincial People’s Government approved of establishing Guangyuan Economic Development Zone bythe document “Chuan Fu Han (1993) No. 519”, and rated it as a provincial development zone that was planned to cover an area of 9.6km2 and have jurisdiction over 3 areas (Nanhe Industry & Trade Area, Shangxiba Storage-Trade-Tourism Area, Yuanjiaba Heavy Industry Area). In 2005, the municipal Party committee and people’s government made a significant decision on resource integration and institutional reform to revoke Lizhou Management Committee, Shangxi Management Committee and Yuanjiaba Management Committee, and set up a new body——Management Committee of Guangyuan Economic Development Zone.

In December 2012, with the approval of the State Council, Guangyuan Economic Development Zone was upgraded to a national development zone, and renamed as “Guangyuan Economic & Technological Development Zone”, which made it the 6th national development zone of the province. Following the upgrade, the municipal Party committee and people’s government included the whole planned “Sanjiang New Area” into the plan of the Development Zone, and accordingly, Sanjiang New Area Planning and Construction Command and the management committee of the Development Zone began to deal withoffice work in the same place. Upon uniform development, construction and management, the total planned area of the Development Zone was expanded to 365.58km2, including a construction area of 103.65km2 under direct control. At present, the Development Zone has jurisdiction over 1 town and 3 sub-districts (44 villages/communities), with a population of 80,000.

For the Development Zone, 10 industrial parks (e.g. Yuanjiaba Industrial Park, Wangjiaying Industrial Park) have been planned, including 5 completed industrial parks, and a “3 5” industry system (3 leading industries: electronic machinery, food & beverage, nonferrous metal; 5 major industries: bio-pharmaceutical, textile & apparel, new materials, energy & chemicals, modern service) has formed there. Furthermore, National High and New-tech Base for Industrialization of Advanced Electronic Products and Materials, National New Industrialization (Army-civilian Combination) Demonstration Base, Sichuan IPR Pilot Park and Sichuan (Guangyuan) High and New-tech Industrialization (Army-civilian Combination) Base have been built up there.

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