Deyang-Aba Eco-economy Industrial Park



Deyang-Aba Eco-economy Industrial Park was founded jointly by Deyang and Aba in May 2015. Its planned total area is about 20km2. According to the plan, construction will be completed on an area of 10km2 in the phase 1. At present, there’s a built-up area about 7km2.

With significant advantages for developing new material and new energy industries, the Park will be dedicated to diversifying the business with focus on developing strategic emerging industries represented by lithium battery based on mineral, agricultural and tourist resources of Deyang and Aba. In addition, modern services in harmony with and support of strategic emerging industries, such as cultural tourism, trade and logistics, will be developed together with environment-related industries. Strategic emerging industries and modern services are prerequisite for each other.

So far, 9 enterprises have been settled in the Park, such as Norwest Chemicals, Haohua Qinglin, Southwest Cement, Zhiyuan Lithium and Everbright International.

Strategic orientation and development goal: Efforts will be made to build the Park as a demonstrator for the pairing cooperation between Sichuan and Zhejiang, a venous eco-industry park and a lithium battery park with output value of RMB 10 billion.

Fields of cooperation and investment promotion: comprehensive utilization of lithium (Li-ion battery anode and cathode, Li-ion power battery, advanced energy storage materials); ultra-high strength heavy and medium plates or complicated forgings made of lithium metal or aluminum lithium alloy; high-temperature battery diaphragms and key equipment for producing power batteries; advanced solar PV batteries and high-purity crystal silicon materials, new processes and equipment for manufacturing solar energy utilization equipment; construction of equipment and facilities for vehicle development, testing and inspection; new materials and energy for assembling finished NEVs and manufacturing key auto parts; modern services, introduction of high-end service enterprise, development of modern service product; tourism, modern logistics, science and technology service, financial service, trade service, educational and cultural service, real estate, recreation; environmental protection, resource conservation, comprehensive utilization of resource; building of energy-saving and eco-industrial park

Contact: Wu Yuanmao, Zhang Chun

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