Guang'an National Economic and Technological Development Zone
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Guang’an Economic and Technological Development Zone was upgraded to be a national economic and technological development zone by the State Council in June 2010. It was authorized to be a deputy department-level unit by the State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform in October 2012. It is one of the 219 national economic and technological development zones in China. Among those 219 zones, only eight are located in Sichuan Province. It is the first national economic and technological development zone that is located within the hinterland encircling Chongqing and a key demonstration zone for Sichuan-Chongqing Cooperation. As part of Sichuan’s strategic plans to develop new industrialization, it is a new demonstration base and a zone with the plan to generate value of 100 billion yuan. It is also a pilot zone to experiment the suitable solutions for transformation towards Circular Economy for industrial parks. Authorized by Sichuan government, it is an energy chemical base of Northeast Sichuan, a gal-salt fine chemical industry base, and a demonstration base of new industrialization. As result, it is the bridgehead and main battlefield for economic development of Guang’an. As of 2017, 1,416 companies have been settled in Guang’an Economic and Technological Development Zone, among which 411 have been developed into enterprises above designated size. Guang’an Economic and Technological Development Zone has gradually improved its industrial supporting capabilities and can effectively enable various industries, either the upstream or downstream ones, to dig out their investment opportunities.

The strategies of Guang’an Economic and Technological Development Zone are to build “a prospering land for Guang’an downtown, an industrial highland for investment, an entrepreneurial paradise for innovation and creation”, and a “policy lowland” to enjoy preferential investment policies, the goal of which is to build “ a pilot field for innovation and reform, a main front for opening to the outside, a main battlefield of foreign trade, and a new engine for economic growth”. 
Adhering to the principle of win-win cooperation, the Zone pays close attention to reform and opening up, firmly advances supply-side structural reform, actively promotes quality reforms, efficiency changes, and impetus transformation, the aim of which is to effectively prevent and eliminate major risks, facilitate sustained and healthy economic and social development, and develop itself into a beautiful, prosperous and harmonious economic and technological development zone.

Fine Chemical Industry

Existing industry base: Taking advantage of the rich natural resources in Guang’an, it promotes the comprehensive utilization of resources through “Linkage of Three Chemical Industries”, namely natural gas chemical industry, salt chemical industry and coal chemical industry.

Investment focus: Try to introduce fine chemical programs that could best promote the development of existing products including methanol, synthetic ammonia, hydrocyanic acid and others. Furthermore, programs to develop potassium salt chemical, chlor-alkali chemical and synthetic alkali chemical are also on the list to be introduced if possible.

New Material Industry

Existing industry base: Benefiting from the Zone’s industry base in the field of fine chemical, non-ferrous metal, electronic information and other existing industries in the Zone, Guang’an Economic and Technological Development Zone has successfully introduced high-and-new-tech material projects including the Polyimide (PI), Flexible Copper Clad Laminate (FCCL) and Electronic-pouring Sealant Projects of Shenzhen Amer International Group Limited, one of the World Top 500 enterprises, and the Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Project of Hong Kong KO YO Chemical (Group) Limited.

Investment focus: The most important programs that should be introduced with efforts include that of new material for developing electronic information, high grade gypsum powder, active calcium, nano-calcium, basalt fiber, glass fiber products and other new building materials, high-performance synthetic resin, engineering plastic, nano-chemical material and other new chemical materials.

New housing industry

Existing industry base: Relying on the rich mineral resources of gypsum mine, quartz sand, limestone, and raw coal in Guang'an, the Zone has introduced new housing projects including New Housing Industrialization Base of China National Building Material Group, High-rise Building Steel Structure Project of Hangxiao Steel Structure Group, and Light Steel Keel Project of Beijing New Building Material Group. As a result, the Zone offers all kinds of products to develop new housing, either low-rise building or high-rise ones, which enables Guang’an to witness its new housing industry taking a new shape. 

Investment focus: Guang'an is a comprehensive pilot city for modernization of national housing industry confirmed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. New Housing Industrialization Base of China National Building Material Group and New Building Materials Project of Beijing New Building Material Group are both listed as pilot projects in the Zone. Therefore, new projects that manufacture new wall materials, prefabricated parts for prefabricated houses, new thermal insulation materials, high-end hardware products, modern smart homes and other new housing industrialization projects will be vigorously introduced.

High-end Manufacturing Industry

Existing industry base: Taking advantage of its ideal geology location near Chongqing, Guang'an Economic & Technological Development Zone seized opportunities to expand Shenzhen-Guang'an Cooperation and Tianjin-Guang'an Cooperation, the aim of which was to promote the rapid development of its equipment manufacturing industry through independent innovation, technology introduction, cooperative development and joint manufacturing. At present, it has introduced several projects such as BYD's “Cloud Rail”, High-end Equipment Manufacturing Project of Zhongyi Lianhe Equipment Company Limited (military-civilian integrated technology), and CNN Numerically-controlled Machine Tool Project. 

Investment focus: Through making the utmost of opportunities provides by the platforms of Guang’an-Shenzhen Cooperation Industry Park and Guang’an-Tianjin Innovation Industry Park, it will actively introduce manufacturing industries including that of new energy vehicles, high-end manufacturing, precision manufacturing, smart manufacturing, military-civilian integration, medical equipment and others.

Electronics & Information Industry

Existing industry base: Leveraging the contexts of Guang’an Lingang Logistics Park featuring favorable location, traffic, facilities and human resources, it strives to develop a new generation of electronics & information industry and other related industries. It has introduced a range of programs including those cooperated with Huage Technology to produce mobile phones and UAVs, Gaozhan Mobile Phone and Display Screen Project, Xinyu Electronics Project, Xingyi Mobile Electronics Project and Meihuayi Mobile Phone Electronics Project and others. 

Investment focus: It plans to target the industrial leaders and focus on the introduction of projects characteristic of core technologies, high market share, and high-end quality in the field of high-performance integrated circuits, chip packages, LCD panels, communication networks, and Internet of Things.

Modern Logistics Industry

Existing industry base: Guang’an Port is one of the six inland ports in Sichuan. Relying on its special advantages of a “golden waterway” to move various products for domestic trade or export, the Zone has introduced projects including Chengnuo Logistics Project and others.

Investment focus: Next step, it plans to develop Three-party or Four-party Logistics Programs that involves bulk commodities, industrial raw materials, and agricultural and sideline products, the aim of which is to build Lingang Logistics Park into an important logistics node in east Sichuan and a modern logistics hub for “supporting Chongqing, serving southwest China and connecting the country".

Trade & Service Industry 

Existing industry base: Benefiting from its favorable locations near the downtown area and not far from the rivers, the Zone focuses on expanding trade and service industry. So far, it has introduced a string of important projects in tertiary sector of the economy, among which are Qujiang Yungu Project, Qujiang Ecological Wetland Park Project, Internet Town, No.9 Middle School affiliated to Sichuan Normal University, First-class Hospital at Grade 3 Project. 

Investment focus: Sticking to the strategy to develop Binjiang Trade Park into an investment prospering land in Guang’an downtown area, it will actively introduce projects including that of commercial real estate, cultural tourism, e-commerce, headquarters economy, modern finance, cultural creativity, health care and medical care, thus to enable Binjiang Trade Park to be an industrial agglomeration zone, a central business zone, an ecological business zone and a central economy vitality zone.

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